Pflugerville Wrestling



  1. We may not be going to all tournaments as a team.  For example, we most likely will not go to Lubbock and some of the other distant locations. We will announce which tournaments we plan to attend.  The tournaments in the Austin to San Antonio areas are the tournaments we are most likely to attend.  You can attend any tournament that you want to, even if the team does not. However, be sure to let Coach Adrian Casillas know ASAP so he can help you make arrangements. 
    1. Tournaments are optional.  Each wrestler (and his/her parents) decides which tournaments to attend. Our belief is that the more mat time and experience the wrestler can get, the better.  We sometimes have wrestlers and / or parents that are hesitant to enter a “rookie” wrestler into a tournament. Even with little practice experience, the experience the wrestlers gain from real matches is very beneficial.  Remember, “rookie” wrestlers typically wrestle other Rookies and/or Novices. 
    2. Wrestlers must wrestle in at least 3 qualifying tournaments in order to be eligible for the OPEN Regional Tournament.
      1. Wrestlers must wrestle at least 3 times in the same division and weight class in order to be eligible for the regional tournament.
      2. If a wrestler fails to make the weight he / she wrestled at during the season, he / she will be disqualified for both the regional and state tournaments (i.e. there are no “move ups”).
    3. Wrestlers must wrestle in the OPEN Regional Tournament in order to be eligible for the OPEN State Tournament. 
      1. Wrestlers must wrestle at least 3 times in the same division and weight class in order to be eligible for the OPEN State Tournament.
      2. If a wrestler fails to make the weight he / she wrestled at during the season, he / she will be disqualified from the tournament (i.e. there are no “move ups”).
  2. We need to know which wrestlers are going to the weekend tournaments at least few days in advance (Thursday’s practice at the latest unless otherwise noted) so we can plan accordingly.   
    1. PARENTS are responsible for registering their wrestlers and paying entry fees for tournaments via Track Wrestling.  Coach Adrian Casillas will NOT register the wrestlers nor pay for the entries this year.  It is very important that parents follow the directions for Track Wrestling. Please pay attention to deadlines as failure to submit the entry and/or payment on time will prevent your child from competing. 
    2. Entry fees are usually $15-25 per tournament. Please check the tournament flyer regarding the amount of each tournament’s entry fee.
    3. If your child does not show up for the tournament, you forfeit the tournament fees, regardless of the reason he / she does not attend. We cannot get the entry fee back. 
    4. Due to problems in the past, our coaches will NOT pay for wrestlers’ entry fees and attempt to collect the money from the wrestler’s parents later (i.e. front the money).  If the entry fees are not paid on time, the wrestler will miss the tournament.
  3. Official weigh-ins for tournaments will usually take place on the morning of the tournament,  However, we need to get weights on Thursday’s practice so you know which weight class to enter your wrestler.  Tournament directors have the option of also allowing Friday night weigh-ins at a specified location, typically at the tournament site.  The specific weigh-in procedures for each tournament will be posted on the tournament flyer.   Wrestlers MUST make the weight for which we enter them.  If they do not make weight on the day of the tournament, they run the risk of being disqualified, not being allowed to wrestle, and forfeiting the entry fee.  ON-SITE WEIGHT CUTTING IS PROHIBITED!
    1. We will post information on divisions and weight classes in the wrestling room and you will find that info here also. 
  4. Please be sure to check in with one of the coaches when you arrive at the tournament and let us know when you leave. It is ultimately up to the parents of each wrestler to keep track of them at the tournaments.  The coaches will be busy coaching and can not “babysit” the kids.
  5. It is the parents’ / wrestlers’ responsibility to provide transportation to and from the tournaments.
    1. We usually have some parents that volunteer to car pool, please help cover the gas expenses if your wrestler is going with someone else
    2. If your wrestler needs transportation, please let us know early, we’ll try to find a ride, but can not guarantee anything.
    3. The coaches are NOT responsible for transporting wrestlers to and from the tournaments
  6. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide snacks or meal money during the tournaments. 
    1. Tournaments may last several hours and the wrestlers will need snacks (energy bars, cereal bars, fruit, light sandwiches, water, juice, sports drinks, etc).  Tournaments also sell snacks, but they are typically more expensive than what you would pay to pack a lunch. 
  7. Our club is required to provide volunteers (table help, awards table, main table, etc.) at ALL local tournaments.  Please keep in mind that all tournaments are run by volunteers. We will have additional information as the schedule is finalized. Please help out.