Pflugerville Wrestling


General Health and Safety

  1. Be sure you complete the release form and medical forms thoroughly
  2. Be sure we have a number to reach you in case of emergency.  Remember to update us if your numbers change.
  3. Your child should have had a complete physical within the last year.
  4. If your child has any illness or injuries that we should be aware of, please be sure you let us know. 
  5. Please ensure your child has any medications that they may need (inhaler, insulin, seizure meds, etc.) with them at every practice and tournament.  Also, be sure Coach Adrian Casillas know about the medical condition that requires medication.  
  6. If your child is injured during a practice or tournament, be sure to inform the coaches immediately.
    1. If the coaching staff is concerned about an injury or skin lesion, the wrestler will not be allowed to practice or compete until a letter from a physician is received that clears the wrestler for participation.  This is for your child’s safety as well as the safety of other wrestlers.
    2. For information on the supplemental insurance that comes with membership in USA Wrestling visit
  7. Historically, wrestlers try to lose weight to drop down a weight class or two.  We do not encourage wrestlers to lose weight.  It will be up to the wrestler and his / her parents to determine a safe and acceptable weight class for the athlete.  Consult your child’s physician for advice. 
  8. If your child develops a contagious infection (a cold, the flu, etc.) or skin disorder, inform the coaches immediately so we can help prevent infection of other wrestlers.
    1. Skin infections are common in wrestling.  Please be sure to check your child’s skin on a regular basis.  Report any “pimples”, “rashes” or “bites” to the coaching staff so we can examine them.  Infections commonly start off looking like a pimple, rash or bite. If one wrestler is infected, he / she could easily infect the rest of the team.  Please help us prevent infections by monitoring your child and reporting any concerns.
  9. Encourage your child to shower after practice.  Some of the younger ones may not want to, but it helps prevent illnesses and skin diseases.
    1. There are specialized soaps for that are supposed to prevent skin infections; it may not be a bad idea to consider purchasing some.
    2. there are also some “lotions” and wipes that can be used before competition and / or between matches that are reported to decrease the risk of contacting a skin infection
    3. you can find these soaps and lotions on most wrestling supply websites.
    4. Some people suggest washing with an anti-bacterial soap then with a dandruff shampoo (both as a shampoo and body wash) to help prevent infections.  A common infection is ringworm (a fungus) that anti-bacterial soaps may not kill. Dandruff shampoos are supposed to have ingredients that can kill the fungus.
  10. Please do not allow your child to wear his/her wrestling shoes anywhere but on the mat.  We don’t want to bring any germs or bacteria to the wrestling mats.
    1. Please wipe down the soles of the shoes with a household antibacterial cleaning product after each practice.  It is a good idea to clean the headgear also.
    2. Please avoid walking on the mat with your daily shoes.  If you plan on walking on the mat, please bring a separate pair of shoes or remove your shoes. 
  11. Please be sure your child has clean workout gear for every practice.  We know it is common to let kids wear the same clothes for a few days, but doing so increases the risk of acquiring skin infections.
  12. Appropriate practice attire includes snug fitting shorts or sweatpants and snug fitting t-shirt or sweatshirt.  It is best if the clothing does not have pockets, exposed buttons, zippers, other sharp objects, or patterns/prints that are rough.  Also, please avoid baggy clothing and "hoodies" which get in the way of wrestling and can lead to injuries if fingers or hands get wrapped up in the clothing. 
  13. Be sure your child's fingernails are kept short.  Long fingernails can injure others. 
  14. Kids with braces are required to wear mouthpieces for competitions.  It is best for them to also wear mouthpieces at practice. 
  15. Staph infections are getting a great deal of attention lately.  In order to decrease the risk of acquiring a staph infection (and other infections) please follow the above guidelines and:
    1.  Wash your child’s workout gear after each workout
    2.  Encourage your child to wash their hands often
    3. Discourage your child from picking his / her nose (staph lives in some peoples’ noses)
    4.  Discourage sharing of personal items and equipment, towels, etc.
    5.  Keep minor cuts and abrasions clean and covered until healed
    6.  Report any skin lesions, rashes, pimples, etc to the coaching staff
  16. The flu is also getting a great deal of attention.  In order to decrease the risk of acquiring the flu (and other infections) please follow these guidelines as suggested by the CDC:
    1. Get a flu vaccine
    2.  Encourage your son/daughter to wash his/her hands with soap and water or an alcohol based anti-bacterial hand sanitizer several times throughout the day
    3.  Discourage your son/daughter from touching his/her eyes, nose or mouth as the germs are spread this way
    4. Stay away from sick people
  17. We will do our best to clean the mats and equipment.  Please help us decrease the risk of skin infections and other problems by following the suggestions above!
    1.  I need help cleaning the mats after each practice.  Please plan on helping out once in a while.   If everyone takes turns, it won’t be too often.  I know people have things to do or want to get home ASAP, but so do I.