Pflugerville Wrestling



1.     Wrestling singlet – needed for competition, not practice

For those who are interested in competing, we will do a group order and the singlet is included in the club dues.

Our singlets will be blue and gold and are going to look really cool this year.  As soon as I get an image of the singlets, I will post them on the site here.

We will need to have each child try on a singlet from last year for size so that we can know the various sizes to order for each child.

2.     Head gear 

Each wrestler needs to have his / her own headgear.  Headgear is mandatory for competitions and highly encouraged for practice.

Fortunately, we are now able include hear gear with the singlet as a part of the uniform at no additional cost.

3.     Wrestling shoes

Few local sporting goods stores are carrying wrestling shoes (Academy, Dick's or Sports Authority) but it’s hit or miss so you should call ahead first.  Also, a lot of folks have found that it is just easier to order online (Eastbay, Amazon, Takedown sportswear). Check the website that you’re ordering from, they’ll have suggestions on what size to order based on your kid’s tennis shoes. Typically you order ½ to 1 size larger than his/her regular shoe size.

Youth shoes typically cost around $30 and up, again it is fine to order the less expensive ones.

Wrestling shoes are required for competitions and for practices after the second week of practices.   

We occasionally have used shoes for sale at a discounted price through the club. See Coach Adrian Casillas for sizes.